516 EUCLID 1


516 EUCLID #1

Better known among the student population by its nickname of “Casa Roja” or “Big Red”, this house is so famous that it has a mural dedicated to its history, and a large sign mounted over the front door proclaiming its “historic” nature.  For decades, the best spot for an attic get-together to see live music or just hang out with friends has been 516 Euclid.  A split two family, with hardwoods throughout, offers 4 bedrooms on each floor, and a two story back stairwell mural that tells of some of the more memorable moments in the houses history (like when Carmelo Anthony showed up for some beer pong). Because of this house’s history, it is usually passed from group to group, so don’t be upset if its rented before you get a chance for a tour.

Laundry is on-site and located in the basement of the property. Every house has a driveway with free off street parking, but the capacity varies from house to house. Email ben@rentfromben.com for specific capacity for this house.

“Anytime we needed a repair it was always done within 24 hours. Especially with our washer and 516 Euclid aka “Big Red” is the premiere off campus apartment! The huge attic space with built in bar and stage is the perfect place to entertain your friends and neighbors with a good time. In the heart of the Euclid neighborhood you are close to anything, on and off campus, that SU has to offer. So grab some friends, sign a lease, and join the proud lineage of Euclid royalty!”

– M. Barta, 516 Euclid tenant 2017, 2018

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