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“My name is Dr. Elin Riggs and I am writing this letter on behalf of Benjamin Tupper and his company Rent From Ben. I served as the Director of Off Campus and Commuter Services at Syracuse University from 2012 to 2018…
Student tenants always told me that he was a fair and honest landlord who had good attention to detail. Parents were always very effusive in their praise for him and knew that they were leaving their children in safe hands. While it was not uncommon to field complaints about landlords, this was never the case with Ben or Rent from Ben…
I would not hesitate to refer a student to him. After working in cities such as Boston, Providence and Syracuse I can attest to the character and integrity that Benjamin Tupper has.

– Dr. Elin Riggs, 2012-18 Director of Off Campus and Commuter Services at Syracuse University

“I’m sure you’ve gotten this feedback many times, but I thought it was important to share it nonetheless. The responsiveness from you and Tiffany has been amazing – late at night, no less. And your personal touch adds a level of comfort to parents and students alike. The process was very easy. Posting the lease online, allowing for signatures on multiple pages and not requiring co-signers made this simple for busy parents and students. The ease of this process also added the benefit of having the students learn about the basics of property rentals, which they will go through many more times in their lives.

– Mark R., parent of 2023-24 tenant

“My daughter rented from Rent From Ben in the 22-23 school year. She had a very good experience. There was clear communication, responsive to any repairs needed, and very efficient with financial questions. I would recommend this company as a safe and good landlord to have if you are going off campus at Syracuse.

– K. Keenan-Kirkpatrick, parent of 2022-23 tenant

“Dear Ben, You were an awesome landlord! My daughter’s experience renting from you was top notch. I appreciate having a safe, affordable place for her to stay. Wish you had properties in NYC! Thank you!”

– L. Carlson, parent of 2022-23 tenant

“I really enjoy your letters to the parents and updates.  The students are lucky to have a landlord like yourself.  You are so involved in the community and Syracuse University, which is so important to show to young students how important their community is, for themselves. I wish you the best in all of your ventures!”

– M. Hanlon, parent of 2021-22 tenant

“We have rented from you for seven years. You have been more than awesome. I was always comforted knowing you were there to handle things for me. You and your team are the best!”

– T. Krumbach , parent of multiple tenants, 2020

“Landlords like you that invest money to improve our neighborhoods are critically important to the City of Syracuse”

– NYS Assembly Member William Magnarelli, 129th District

“I am so happy with my decision to contact Rent From Ben.  Very responsive to all requests, questions  and needs.  Small but mighty in this humble mother’s opinion.  Set my mind at ease with my daughter moving 1287 miles from home.”

– L. Sage, parent of 2019-2020 tenant

Facts You Might Want To Know

When searching for an apartment, perhaps the most important task is ascertaining the reputation of your potential landlord.  Unfortunately, some University landlords have a less than stellar track record, something that you may not be aware of when they are showing you their apartments. We won’t bother telling you about our reputation, instead we will let you read what others have said about my performance as a University landlord over the last 25 years.

We’re Local and Always On Call

The Syracuse University student neighborhood is a vibrant, safe, and fun place to live.  Don’t  just take our word for it, the American Planning Association ranked it in the top 10 neighborhoods nationwide and in 2014, Syracuse was voted the number one college town by Travel and Leisure Magazine, of which the University neighborhood is the heart and soul of this positive living experience”. Read the full story here

Rent From Ben has been providing housing  to SU, ESF, and Lemoyne students for over three decades with 50 houses  centrally located in the University Neighborhood, and are all within walking distance to campus.

The business was started by Ben’s father,  Professor Joseph Tupper, who retired from teaching at SU after over four decades. In 1998, Ben took over the business and has been running it since. Combined we have a track record that dates back to the 1980s of providing housing to over 14,000 student tenants. During this period of time, we have a record of never once being taken to court for breaching our responsibilities to our tenants.

Because of this track record, Ben has been asked to serve on the Syracuse University Office of Off Campus Housing Advisory Committee, and the Syracuse University Maxwell school recommends Rent From Ben as “the best landlord in the SU area” on their webpage for incoming students. But what you care most about is your child’s safety and security. We are the only university landlord that has full time 24-7 maintenance support living right in and among the houses we own. Help for a lock out or broken toilet is literally within walking distance. Our tenants have repeatedly voiced this in stories in the Daily Orange (the University’s daily paper). We are local and always on call.

Prior to taking over the rental business, Ben worked in law enforcement, and had an eye for promoting safety and awareness for his tenants. He also served for 21 years in the Army and Army National Guard, and he brings the skill sets of attention to detail and timely responses to managing and maintaining the houses.

What the Daily Orange Has Said

Winner of the 2014 “Who is Syracuse”, a recognition given by the Daily Orange to those who best embody the spirit of Syracuse University

“Tenants feel like their relationship with Ben Tupper is one of friendship rather than landlord and tenant”

“Tupper’s tenants say he has established a good reputation as a Landlord” ​

“Student Tenants recount Tupper’s friendliness, quick response to problems”

​“Tupper has a good reputation among Student-Tenants” ​

“This office does not have any pending cases with either Joseph or Ben Tupper as landlords, nor have I ever had any need to represent any tenants of the Tupper’s in court, whether it be regarding eviction proceedings or security deposits”

What Student Tenants Have Said

“Appreciate all you do, I’ve got some friends moving into your places in the future, and I truly mean it when I tell them you’re the best around.”

– C. Meissner, 2022-2023 tenant

“Just wanted to write you a quick note thanking you for everything this past year. I had a fantastic experience with you and your team. From the fun events or competitions, you put on, your various communications of important items / how to be a good homeowner in the winter months of Syracuse, your fair and equitable treatment of us as tenants, ease of payment, and everything in-between. I have no complaints.”

– Joshua M. Davidoff, 2021-2022 tenant

“Ben has always been friendly and doesn’t treat us like we are just a customer even though we are. It feels like there is middle ground and it helps me want to work with (him) on issues rather than dodge my landlord.”

– C. Griffin, 2020-2021 tenant 

“I have always had very positive interactions with Ben and all of his staff. They have been so helpful through this whole year, especially with all the changes we experienced with COVID-19 and I wouldn’t have wanted to live anywhere else!

E. Sodergaren, 2020-2021 tenant 

“I appreciated how much communication we received and how I was always 100% clear with what I had to do to maintain my apartment via the emails from Ben. Especially with the semester being pushed back I had a lot of unanswered questions from the school that Ben handled well!

– H. Haynes, 2020-2021 tenant 

“Ben is extremely accepting and accommodating (especially with the whole COVID-19 situations regarding money or classes being pushed back); maintenance staff is extremely helpful and timely. They come within an hour or less usually and respond to my emails almost immediately.”

– O. Belusic, 2020-2021 tenant 

“I have had amazing interactions with your maintenance staff. I rented from (a different landlord) last year and had terrible experiences, so your response time and quick service was a complete breath of fresh air.”

– J. Glass, 2020-2021 tenant 

“When we were searching for someone to fill our lease for next year, Ben was extremely generous and granted us over 2 months of extra time past the deadline which allowed us to consider all options. That level of flexibility was a surprise and very welcome on our part and made the lease renewal process much less frantic.”

– R. Child, 2020-2021 tenant 

“My mom has emailed Ben many times asking weird questions and he has always responded so kindly to her which has made her feel in the loop and assured. Thank you so much!”

– L. Biagi, 2020-2021 tenant 

“Always so pleasant and put a smile on my face! Over the summer, John came to swap out a rusted lock on the doors to the porch and we had a very nice conversation while I took a break from classework in the living room! Also, when we were drawing for the chalk competition, 2 staff drove up and started small talk and it was nice that they were still around even in the pandemic!”

– E. Sherfey 2020-2021 tenant 

I love how interactive you guys are with your tenants, it really makes the difference in building a trusting relationship, I would never feel uncomfortable to reach out about anything especially because of that just friendly relationship, we can tell you guys really care!

– R. Lange, 2019-2020 tenant 

“Loved my two years living in my apartment! Repairs have always been quick and concise, Ben’s team has always responded kindly and in a timely manner, and I love that Ben is always circulating and talking to all his tenants at his events.”

– G. Richardson, 2019-2020 tenant

“I had a really bad experience with a landlord before rent from ben. I was blamed for everything wrong with the house. I really felt welcomed in the home I stayed in.”

– E. Juergens, 2019-2020 tenant

“Your maintenance team is always courteous and fixed things fast and correctly.” 

– S. Parisi, 2019-2020 tenant

“Very easy to communicate with! Ben was also helpful and quick to respond to emails. Overall had a great experience renting!”

– S. Hicks, 2019-2020 tenant

“Ben and his staff have given me the best first rental experience! They genuinely care for their tenants and work to be as flexible and available to everyone as possible. I truly came in knowing little about what it’s like to live on my own but they have been so open, responsive, and ready to solve any problems. It also helps that Ben gets what it’s like to be a struggling college student, gives us a lot of freebies, and bleeds orange! I’m going into my senior year renting from Ben again, and I could not be more ready for the year!”

– Ghufran Salih, SU c/o ’19, Former President of Student Association

“When I rented from Ben it was the first time I had ever rented an apartment, but I am glad he was my first landlord! Ben is very responsive and always willing to answer any questions you have no matter how “dumb” you might think the question is, he understands that this is probably your first time renting and is ready to help. Ben is very connected to the Syracuse University community and therefore understands the tenants that rent from him. He really has a love for Cuse that is unmatched!”

– Jaclyn Doyle, 2018-2020

“You should rent from Ben if you want to be treated with the care and respect you deserve! There is never a time when you can’t reach out to him for any of the numerous requests that might make your housing experience better while you are his tenant. He understands your needs as a college student and his extended team is a well oiled machine, which figures because they really have been doing this long before you even came to Syracuse.”

– V. Agrawal, tenant 2018-2019

“I just want to say how thankful and appreciative I am towards you. Since moving in, you have been nothing but accommodating and helpful. You have followed through with every request we have had and that has been an incredible surprise. I hear many landlord horror stories and I hope you know how grateful we all are to be renting from you.”

– B. McLaughlin, 2018-2019

“Figuring out how to rent your first apartment is challenging, especially when you’re in college and busy with a million other things. Ben Tupper and his fantastic team make everything so easy from Day One. My off-campus house is one of my favorite memories from my entire college experience and we truly made our house a home. We even cooked Ben and his team a family dinner as a thank you for all they did for us (including many emergency maintenance requests!).”

– Delaney Vanwey, tenant 2016-18

“I lived in the 787 Ostrom property for two years and had nothing but great experiences. I had to move out this summer and am currently subletting [with a different landlord] and have already had a horrible experience. You and your team were always so kind, respectful and helpful. Thank you for being an incredible member of the Syracuse community. You and your team are the best!”

– Charlotte K., tenant, SU c/o ’17 & G’18

“Renting from Ben is a blast. He is the most fun and forgiving landlord you’re ever going to find – on campus or off. He throws great events, and helps the community all the time. What else could you want?”

– McKenna Moore, tenant 2016-18

“The best houses in the best spots off Campus! Awesome to have a single owner landlord rather than rent from one of the large realty companies. Ben and Co. will get to know you and make sure everything is right with your apartment! Ben and Co. organized so many fun activities for his tenants off campus! Between Mardi Gras on Euclid and tenant takeovers at Beer Belly he’s the best landlord around!”

– Mike Barta, tenant 2016-18

“In my almost ten years with the University, I have yet to encounter a business as reputable, conscientious, and student/community-oriented. I’ve spoken with other tenants and I know that they feel similarly. Please know that the University community appreciates all that you do!”

– Jill S., Syracuse University Staff tenant 2016-17

“My husband and I worked with Ben in getting our son settled into one of Ben’s great properties very close to campus. This was such an easy transition from the dorm our son was living in. Ben was always available by email or phone if I had any questions or concerns. Ben, being a graduate from Syracuse also really helped the boys in settling in and could really relate to their situations. We really appreciated Ben’s caring nature and his willingness to work with the boys. He is a nice landlord and would recommend him to any prospective tenant.”

 – Jane O., tenant parent 2015-16

“I’ve chosen to rent from Ben because I’ve never heard a negative comment about him from any of his tenants, past or current. Whenever I had a problem Ben was quick to respond and fix whatever issue would arise, even in the busy seasons when everyone is moving in.” 

– D.Mariak, tenant 2015-16 

“Renting from Ben was the best decision I have made! Not only does a member of his team expeditiously come help us whenever we have a problem, he also hosts so many fun events! I have been able to meet so many other members in the community through Ben’s winter dinner at Beer Belly Deli or at his Mardi Gras party on Euclid! He always has prizes and fun giveaways for his tenants and you can truly see how much he cares for each and every one of us!” S. 

– Agate, tenant 2015-16 

“Ben was always incredibly accommodating, and made renting very easy for me. He always prioritized any issues that arose, and constantly kept us informed (and entertained) through his e-mails! Go Ben!” 

– E. Ely, tenant 2015-16

“His experience speaks for itself in the way he conducts business online and in person. Rent from Ben for a safe and comfortable experience!” 

– F. Bennett, tenant 2015-16 

“Best landlord I’ve had. If anything is wrong, someone emails you and its fixed within the week or even the next day. Holds fun events and constantly gives out free stuff. Good relationship between tenants and staff .“ 

– D. Tirinato, tenant 2015-16 

“Renting from Ben has been my best experience of renting during my time at Syracuse. Ben and his staff are always timely, flexible, and kind. Whenever I have had any issues related to my apartment, I have been able to email Ben and have the issue fixed in a timely manner… Ben has also been flexible and understands students need, making accommodations to my roommate’s and my needs whenever possible. Finally, the group is beyond kind, I have never had a negative experience with any of the staff at “rentfromben” and would honestly say that Ben and his team go out of their way to be kind to their tenants. If the question is, “Who should I rent from?,” the answer is to Rent From Ben!” 

– W. Faulkner, tenant 2015-16

“Benjamin and the Gentleman/Ladies of Tupper Management are truly as a good as it comes. They are always quick to respond with a solution to your problems and love to show their tenants a good time in hosting events! Everyone should truly #rentfromBen” 

– L. Loftus, tenant 2015-16

“He has been great and helped us with all our problems.” 

– Daily Orange 

“We like him a lot”

– Former Tenant Quoted in the Daily Orange 

“If we had a problem, he is here to fix it in five minutes.”

– Former Tenant Quoted in the Daily Orange  

“He doesn’t fit the description of what I thought a landlord would be, he is very on top of things.”​

– Former Tenant Quoted in the Daily Orange  

“I call him one day, and he is here the next for the repair. With my other landlord I had to wait a week.”​

– Former Tenant Quoted in the Daily Orange 

The Rental Process is Simple & Easy

You can download and read the my lease and FAQ by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the page. However, we do get two common questions from parents that are not covered in these documents:

1. Do parents need to co-sign leases?  Many university landlords here require parents to co-sign, but we do not require parents to co-sign. Since the start of this business, we have never sued a tenant, and do not feel the need to tie parents to the leases of their student children.

2. Why is my son/daughter signing a lease so early?  Because of my excellent reputation, our houses rent on average 10-12 months before the start of the lease. So while it may seem early to you,  the early bird gets the worm when it comes to renting my properties.

Download These Useful Forms

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