Meet the family!

Hello and welcome to Rent From Ben! We are proud to call the University Neighborhood the best part of the City of Syracuse, and we say this because Ben grew up here as a kid, lived here when he was an SU student, and has Rent From Ben headquarters right there on Euclid Ave.  Since Ben started his rental business in 1997, we have provided housing to over 14,000 SU and ESF students, and Ben looks forward to providing it for you too! 

Our staff is also rooted in the University Neighborhood and well versed in what students want. John heads up the maintenance section, along with Roger and Jeff. They have decades of combined experience in house repairs, remodeling, and carpentry. Anytime you need a repair, all you do is email John at or shoot him a text at 315-727-8551.  John also is the owner of the local neighborhood Ace Hardware store at Nottingham Plaza, just a mile away from the neighborhood. All Rent from Ben tenants get 10% off any non-sale item purchase.  All you need to do is tell the cashier you are Ben’s tenant, and you save!

Tiffany, a former tenant and recent ESF graduate, and Isaac, a recent U Pitt graduate, supervise the groundskeeping section, which handles cosmetic upkeep, as well as managing the yards, garages, and keeping common areas clean.  Tiffany and Isaac also run rental operations, and give students tours of  our houses and apartments.

Inside our offices, Naomi, and Kate  (also an SU grad and longtime neighborhood resident) handle our financials, design, marketing and information management. Previously Kate was the Assistant Director of the Syracuse University Office of Community and Government Relations. 


We are the ONLY University landlord who has 24-7 maintenance staff who live right here in the University neighborhood. In part, this explains our excellent reputation for quick and timely repairs. Many of the other landlords you may be considering for housing live out of town and even out of state. If you have an emergency, or accidentally get locked out, we will literally be only seconds away.

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