520 EUCLID 1


520 EUCLID #1

Located in the geographical and cultural center of the University neighborhood (at the corner of Euclid and Ackerman), this three family home offers the best porches in the whole neighborhood for people watching. In years past the front yard was the center of the historic annual Euclid Fest, and today is the site of the annual Mardi Gras and Chili Cook off events held in the winter. Roll out of bed, and a quick walk down Euclid gets you to class. The first two floor apartments, each 4 bedrooms, have hardwood floors throughout and spacious living and dining rooms. The 3rd floor 2 bedroom apartment has a bungalow quality to it and a private enclosed back porch.

Laundry is on-site and located in the basement of the property. Every house has a driveway with free off street parking, but the capacity varies from house to house. Email ben@rentfromben.com for specific capacity for this house.

“520 Euclid has a special kind of charm that comes in the form of ample natural light, great porches where you can spend late nights with friends, and an ideal location that’s both close to campus AND the Westcott neighborhood. There’s plenty of space to hang out with pals as you make memories that will last you well beyond your time at SU or ESF; sign a lease and become part of Euclid history. Remember, it’s always 520 somewhere!”

– V. Lattell, 520 Euclid tenant 2017, 2018

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