604 EUCLID 2


604 EUCLID #2

Known better as “The 604”, this large building is now home to the Rent From Ben office. The second floor features a 2 bedroom apartment (Apt #2), and the third floor a 1 bedroom (Apt. #3). Hardwoods throughout, free heat, electric and wifi make this a popular choice!parking, and a location in the heart of the University neighborhood.

Laundry is on-site and located in the basement of the property. Every house has a driveway with free off street parking, but the capacity varies from house to house. Email ben@rentfromben.com for specific capacity for this house.

“I went from having a very bad landlord (randomly entering the house, lying, no security deposit back) to currently renting from Ben. In the 3 times something happened where I had to call maintenance people arrived very quickly with a way to solve the issue. I feel as though Rent from Ben is probably one of the best companies to rent from in Syracuse. I felt as though I could reach out with any issues and they would be quick to solve them. It is also easy to see that Ben cares about the community he rents houses in. This was truly a wonderful experience.”

– B. Holecek, tenant 604 Euclid 2020

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