Previously a legacy house for one of the SU sororities, now known as “The Lodge,” is located right across the street from Shaw Dorm, this house is usually handed down year to year between friends. With 2 kitchens, 3 bathrooms, and plenty of bedrooms, this one will go quick given its spacious parking space, and hardwood charm throughout.

Laundry is on-site and located in the basement of the property. Every house has a driveway with free off street parking, but the capacity varies from house to house. Email ben@rentfromben.com for specific capacity for this house.

“I lived in the 787 Ostrom property for two years and had nothing but great experiences. I had to move out this summer and am currently subletting [with a different landlord] and have already had a horrible experience. You and your team were always so kind, respectful and helpful. Thank you for being an incredible member of the Syracuse community. You and your team are the best!”

– C. Klass, 787 Ostrom tenant 2019

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