This large house sports a  super close location, huge spacious rooms, and a decent rent price. Combined, it is one of the first to get rented every year.  Expect to see hardwoods, large living areas, and a lot of sunlight on the porches when you tour. The first floor is a 4 bedroom flat (842), while the upstairs has even more bedrooms between its 2nd and 3rd floors (844). 

Laundry is on-site and located in the basement of the property. Every house has a driveway with free off street parking, but the capacity varies from house to house. Email ben@rentfromben.com for specific capacity for this house.

“Ben and his staff have given me the best first rental experience! They genuinely care for their tenants and work to be as flexible and available to everyone as possible. I truly came in knowing little about what it’s like to live on my own but they have been so open, responsive, and ready to solve any problems.”

– G. Salih, President of Student Association, 844 Ostrom tenant 2019

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